Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fun weekend

so this past weekend, i took this awesome 3 day defensive firearms class with my bff and my dad. it was intense! we reviewed a bunch of basic techniques, worked on marksmanship and then got into fun stuff: moving drills, pivots, working with a team or a partner, shooting from awkward positions, seeing how we shoot under physical and mental stress, vehicle drills....and much more. it was physically demanding and mentally exhausting. i could use a nap right now.

we also brought our puppy to the range. he hung out in the truck and got a little chewy....and proceeded to chew through one of the seat belts! he's been behaving in our vehicles for quite a while then friday morning decided to go on a chewing spree. what a little troublemaker! that being said, he was very good for the rest of the weekend.

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