Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 round up

seems like most of the blogs i've been following are doing round ups of things they've done in i'll hop on the bandwagon and put in my list of things i did/experienced:

- got an awesome puppy
- received a puppy friendly plant for my birthday & managed to keep it alive
- started working in a gun shop
- got my car fixed (from someone backing into me the year before)
- started blogging consistently
- redesigned my website
- rocked a pistol & carbine class
- went on a day hike
- went on an overnight hike
- bought a wilson combat 1911
- made a bunch of custom orders
- met bfff's family
- had my first "first friday" show
- sadly lost one of my parents doggies
- two new stores (artique ltd & josephines) started carrying my artwork
- entered two big craft shows (bad girls & museum) & sold a ton of my artwork
- got a credit card
- celebrated an awesome year of living with my bfff

i'm not so sure about resolutions for 2010 but i do think that i'll have a few goals to aim for...but i'll share those later. i need to think about them some more. hope you all had an amazing 2009!

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