Thursday, September 24, 2009

sad day...

one of my parents dogs, who we got when i lived at home many years ago, passed away yesterday. freckles was a sweet, loving cocker spaniel with a carefree & positive attitude. she didn't let anything bother her. we were her fourth owners. she came to us with her daughter maisie and she was such a good mom. we think she survived a lot of bad situations and due to that, she took advantage of every opportunity to eat or drink whatever was around. one of her favorites was my dad's lattes :)

she was diagnosed with cancer last december. she did quite well and i think a big part of that was her great attitude. she lived to be almost 15 years old!

we miss her and love her. rest in peace freckles.

maisie (angel costume) & freckles (witch costume) halloween 2008


manD said...

aw.......great memories though...cherish them!

tatsuko said...

so sorry about freckles... what a great hallowe'en shot :)