Friday, April 2, 2010

website update!

i finally got around to updating the Tama Press website! i had oodles of pictures that i'm still working through - a lot of work cropping and adjusting some lighting in photoshop. i would love to learn to take pictures that need NO EDITING WHATSOEVER. that would be rad.

there are lots of new books - all different kinds - japanese stab, secret belgian, address, blanket stitch, and more! in addition, i also posted pics of some small boxes i made here. they have a lid that flips open with partitions on the inside for your treasures.

the traditional photo album section is up here. these were matching sets of an album & box i made for shows.

please visit the website and look for the little "new!" signs under the photos.


Brandi said...

Woo hoo! So glad you got it updated Steph. All your work is just fantastic.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome job...I love all the colors. And those boxes remind me of one I kept all my treasures in as a kid :)