Saturday, April 17, 2010

lost dogs everywhere!

i must be sending out an announcement: "lost dogs - come to me if you need help."

bfff and i took our two puppies to the park the other day and as we cruising down there in my little car, we see this dog trotting around nervously in the middle of the road. so we start looking around for her (i think) human and didn't see anyone.

so, i got out of the car and let the dog know i was there. she saw me and as i knelt down with a treat, she came over to say hi. poor thing was anxious, but friendly. i pet her for a minute and slowly took a look at her collar. thank goodness she had a tag (unlike the last encounter)! she was some kind of ridgeback - her back stripe was cool - and her name was sitka. i called the owner (no answer) and left a message.

a few minutes later, this girl was walking her 3 dogs, only one on leash, and she said "oh that's my friends dog. i'll take her." so i called the number back and left another message with the description of the girl and that sitka went with them.

later that evening, sitka's owner called me back and said thank you for calling. he said he talked to the girl, and didn't sound too pleased with her. he really appreciated the call.

i told my acupuncturist this story, along with all of the other dog stuff that's happened, and she said she's heard that suddenly having a lot of dogs (or wolves) cross one's path could mean i'm getting ready to start on a big adventure. interesting.


Brandi said...

A big adventure to California perhaps? That's really interesting that another dog crossed your path. I'm glad this one got home alright. When I got cats, I decided they'd all be indoor cats -- waiting for them to come home would drive me crazy.

manD said...

Does this mean you are going to adopt another dog? ;-)