Saturday, April 17, 2010

cone of shame

our vet knows us on a first name basis now. we've been there so many times in the last couple of weeks, getting vito's shots, mia's first visit, then vito started inverted sneezing/snorting, and last night we noticed mia's incision site from being spayed started to look not so good.

poor little mia - she doesn't like car rides. she starts to drool like crazy when she thinks she has to get into a car. bfff & i wonder about what happened to her to cause that reaction. in the past couple of weeks though, she's gone from barfing in the car & drooling like a faucet that's been turned on to dripping drool and no barf. plus she'll actually jump in the car by herself. so major improvements!

so we hop in the car and she sits up front, dripping on everything in her path. when we get to the vet, she does great. totally behaves, very attentive. the doc looks at her tummy and decides she needs antibiotics due to the start of an infection. then she brings out the cone of shame. i have to say, this one is much better than the plastic ones, it's like a little pillow. here's some pics of mia's reaction:

get this off of my head!

this sucks.

i'm tired and look pathetic :(

i do, however, get better tv & radio reception now.

have a good weekend everyone!


Brandi said...

Oh, the cone of shame. It's never good. My fat cat needed one for some time. It was hysterical. I probably shouldn't have laughed. But it really was funny.

Anonymous said...

you guys are the best

Elizabeth said...

TV and radio! You cracked me up...that poor doggie.