Tuesday, April 27, 2010

planning planning!

sorry i've been MIA. wedding planning is suddenly my second job :) bfff & i have made a lot of progress in just a week, with family & friends helping out SO much. it's really a lot of fun!

first thing i've actually accomplished - i ordered my dress & put down the deposit. and OMG it's going to be awesome. but it's also a secret so...no pictures til after the big day! besides, bfff reads this too. i do have to say that i'm ecstatic with my choice and that it is being made just for me. from scratch. no one else on the planet will have this exact same dress.

second major thing i've been working on - the invitations. as a printer, i couldn't let someone print our invitations. i wanted to design them myself. besides, i wanted letterpress invites and DAMN it's expensive! much cheaper to do it myself. i'll have to keep that in mind as i'm cursing at my press in the middle of the night while printing. LOL! i'll post some pictures once i get a more solid idea of the invites. i do know that they will be fire engine red & aqua blue!

coming up this week:
- we went out to a nice dinner friday night (just us) to celebrate the engagement...so pictures from our dinner!
- puppy pictures (of course)

talk to you soon!


Brandi said...

Glad to hear plans are going so well! I'm so jealous I have to wait to see pictures. But I am happy you're doing your own invitations and learning more about letterpressing. Especially since then I can have you do my business cards (and invitations someday too, I hope).

Anonymous said...

awsome awsome awsome