Thursday, April 1, 2010

words with friends

thanks to lady smaggle, i downloaded the app "words with friends". basically, it's scrabble on your phone & you can play random people or friends. OMG it's so damn addictive!!

i have learned that a) my vocabulary is really not that great and b) my neighbor is a freaking genius. he's beaten me by 100 points consistently. it's ridiculous. he says it's luck. mmhmm.

it's pretty bad when i just start randomly placing letters to see if the program will accept it as a word. like "gied" or "thane" or "mir". did you know the plural for vacuum is "vacua"? yea i didn't either. no one knows the plural of vacuum because no one has more than one vacuum. and if they do, they say vacuums. seriously.

i have to get back to my multiple word games now. because one of my opponents put down "adz" and "lysin". i swear, i think they're cheating.

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brand-eye said...

I'm addicted to this game too!