Thursday, September 17, 2009

thesis pictures

i ran across some old pictures from my senior thesis exhibition back in 2004 and thought i would share. the pictures were taken by my professor mat kelly.

here is the view from entering the gallery. i had such a good spot!

here's a better picture of my entire space. i handmade everything except for the mirrors. the rugs were woven (weaving is SO cool), the boxes were handmade, and there were lots of items in them representing the balance between my Japanese & American backgrounds. the hanging clothing was made from paper prints that i hand stitched together. the prints were created with a number of different types of printing including monotype & japanese woodblock (ukiyo-e).

here is a detail of the kimono - in my opinion, the prize piece of my exhibit. i incorporated my prints & origami paper and hand sewed traditional quilt squares. there is a front and back - and i designed the size based on my yukata (a casual summer kimono). i sewed for an uncountable number of hours and remember taking these little blocks everywhere i went.

hope you enjoyed the little journey into the past!

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tatsuko said...

Wow!!! What an amazing exhibit! Gorgeous work on the kimono. Did I say 'wow'? Wow.