Thursday, September 3, 2009

website updates

i finally got around to updating the Tama Press website. lots of new book pics were added and i took down the under construction signs for the contact & custom pages. some of the pictures were taken with a black background and the books were sold so i didn't have a chance to retake them.

here's the main updates i did:
added pics to the medium japanese stab bindings here
created a page for blanket stitch books
created a page for the new secret belgian binding books
created a custom order page
created a contact page (finally)

i'm working on products for the etsy site and for the two upcoming shows. i'll do my best to get some things up soon!

all of the pages are currently set up as a viewing gallery, so if there is something that you like (that isn't available on etsy), send me an e-mail and i'll be happy to make something for you. keep in mind that all of the books are unique, and the exact same book might not be available. but i'll try my hardest to match colors and paper as closely as possible.

so go check out the updated site and let me know what you think!


tatsuko said...

Your website looks GREAT! Congrats :) The papers on your blanket-stitch books are loverrly...

stephanie said...

thanks! it's one of my favorite bindings :)