Wednesday, September 16, 2009

website update

i finally updated the "about" page on my website. if you want to see it, go here. i always have a hard time writing about myself. i never know what to say...which is ironic considering i write a blog now. it's just awkward. i don't want to brag or sound like i have this giant ego, but i also don't want to sell myself short. the whole point of the website is to get my name out there and promote myself and my business. if you have comments about the site at all, please let me know. i always want to improve it. my next goal is to create slideshow that makes the pictures bigger, so the visitor can really see the bindings. i know the pictures are small right now.

i contacted the muse
um yesterday because i hadn't received the additional show information yet and it seemed like i should have. it's a good thing i got in touch with them, because they had the wrong address so i never received the follow up info! now to decide how big i want the booth to be this year...

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