Tuesday, September 29, 2009

weekend & first friday stuff

the past weekend was SO busy. friday afternoon was a black belt test (i'm in martial arts by the way) that i helped facilitate, then a dinner afterwards. puppy got to play at his friends house. he's so hysterical - if bff or i even mention "bear & gauge", his little ears perk up & he gets SO excited.

saturday consisted of some martial arts clinics, making more books, then meeting some friends downtown for drinks. vitters met lots of new people at the clinics and was fairly good in the car (meaning he didn't chew through another seatbelt).

sunday was a mellow day - i got to sleep in for the first time in ages, which was awesome. made even more books, prepped paper for post bound photo albums and made a couple of traditionally bound photo albums. whenever bff is home, the puppy gets to roam the house. every once in a while, he'd come downstairs to my studio and check on me. he'd trot in, ask for pat on the head, do an investigative round of sniffing, and then head back upstairs. we took him to the lake to play and swim for a little bit, and he had fun, even though we were a bit frustrated with his tiny attention span. gotta keep reminding myself that he's only 10 months old.

the first friday show is coming up so quickly! i'm getting close to being ready, but still have quite a few things to do. i have quite a few books left to drill holes into & bind, then i need to take pictures and package everything. and get some notecard sets together. i will have some new products and will try to get some pics up tomorrow.

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tatsuko said...

Good luck prepping for your show! Looking forward to hearing how it goes...