Tuesday, September 15, 2009


what a productive weekend! made lots of book covers, cut down a bunch of book board and put a good starting dent into my show inventory. a couple of pictures from my studio (of chaos):

my main work table

book cover scraps - i always want to keep these little triangles for some reason.

i'm planning to have around 260 books made for the november shows, in addition to some new note cards, boxes, and some prints. whew. so far i have 14 books completely done. haha i have a ways to go. but i also have 89 books in progress. maybe, just maybe, this year i won't be completely sleep deprived. riiiiiiiiiight.

my puppy kept me company while i worked and made sure to keep me on my toes. there was a lot of "drop it, Drop It, DROP IT!" and "hey come back here!" and "don't chew on that!" he eventually calmed down (for about 10 minutes). he always sleeps in these weird positions. if he's on his bed, his head is hanging off the edge. or lately he's been doing this:

o he also came with on a little field trip to pick up more dog food. he got to pick out a new toy:

he proceeded to rip off an arm & strew stuffing everywhere by the next day. one more toy added to the growing pile of toys that need surgery. at least he hasn't destroyed any of my work....yet.

bff & i went to see a performance of the lion king, which was AMAZING. i didn't think i would be impressed, but wow i was wrong. not one detail was left to chance. the performers were incredible. the costumes were so creative. just WOW. plus it was our third official date! :)

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