Tuesday, March 30, 2010

cookbook done!

after many grueling hours of binding, i finished the cookbook restoration of the joy of cooking! after all of the drama and heartache, i was really happy and relieved to be done with this book. the background on this project is here.

here's the final results:
i remade new cover with a similar color paper as the originals, then made the title plate for the front. the wording is hand inked and backed with navy cardstock.

the inner cover was lined with a dark blue (the photo is a little light) and i included a reference guide that was in the original copy of the cookbook. the inner edge of each set of pages was covered in Japanese paper to add some strength and color to the book block.

the book opens fairly flat (for a 900+ page book!) i added different colored buttons onto the spine for some decoration and little pops of color. in addition, it strengthened the binding a bit, as some of the buttons were wrapped as i bound the book.

so what do you think? when i delivered the book, i finally met the client i've been working with - she's so patient! she really liked the book (*sigh of relief*) and i hope her friend does too (since that's who it's for). now i've gotta get started on my next project - cleaning/organizing the studio!


Elizabeth said...

I think it looks well worth the wait! Love the buttons on the binding...very creative touch :)

Anonymous said...

A very special job that came out great, you are a fabulous artisdt and crafts person

tatsuko said...

Wow!!! What a great job, and a super surprise for your customer's friend! Congrats!

Brandi said...

Steph, it looks beautiful! You did a really awesome job and your new cover is lovely. I can't wait to find out what your client's friend says.

Erin said...

Absolutely amazing. You rock.