Saturday, March 27, 2010

boxcar base

with all of the oogling i've been doing at letterpress stuff, i've started to consider (again) buying this:

the AWESOME boxcar base

this is something i put in the bed of my press in order to print letterpress stuff. old school letterpress printing consisted of little tiny pieces of lead type, one piece for each letter, that are all "type high" (.918"). the new & more versatile way of printing to have plates made with whatever design you like and then sticking them onto this base, which then makes it type high. so i'll be able to get that embossed, beautiful imprint with having to find tons of lead type on ebay.

i've been considering this purchase for the past year and am probably going to commit to it in the next day or so. while i love the ability to carve linoleum blocks, i miss the impression of letterpress printing. plus, i've been wanting to try out a few things and come up with some new business cards and notecards with the tama press logo on the back. in addition to being able to print some amazing designs, i'll also have the ability to try my hand at custom invitations down the road. sooooo, who wants to be part of my first boxcar base project? (brandi, i'm looking at you! heehee)


Brandi said...

Steph, come on. You know I SOOO will be your first customer. I need business cards. And maybe note cards too. And then, I'll properly pimp out your talent on my blog so other people can drool too.

Elizabeth said...

And I will be your second. Just so you know :)

Also, Brandi is a very good pimper of friend's products. She did my shop last week and it was a wonderful feeling!