Wednesday, March 24, 2010

puppy antics

our dear puppy vito stayed the night at our (& his) friends' house over the weekend. bfff & i were going to help out at a gun class early sunday morning and our options were to either take vito & have him be stuck in the car, then probably start eating the car....or leave his with his bestest friends. so we decided he would have more fun with his buddies.

he had a blast. and he was also exhausted. he slept hard when we picked him up and all the way through monday. and we started getting worried. "why is he SO tired? he should have bounced back a bit by now." he usually jumps up when he hears the cheerios box rattle. he normally looks out the window with a bit more excitement than this:

then, at about 5:30pm, bfff was petting him and vito started the sound. if you have a dog, you know what i'm talking about. the "i'm-about-to-throw-up" sound that usually happens at 3 in the morning and wakes you up from a dead sleep. fortunately, he made it to the linoleum. lo & behold...he had eaten a squeaker. we don't know when he ate it or where for that matter. at least he threw it up. and didn't choke.

5 minutes later, he was back to normal. he wanted to play, race around the house, bite bfff's ears, eat, and be his usual mischievous self. geez.


Brandi said...

Aww, poor thing! I'm glad he's okay though.

Elizabeth said...

Dogs are so weird ways sometimes. I tried to teach Baby how to walk on a leash today after four years of life without, and she hates me now :(

manD said...

I hate that sound!! Buddy does it when needs water or food when we sleep in - we now leave the door open so he can get water! I jolt out of bed when I hear that and grab the bucket!
I am glad Vito is better now!

Giovanna said...

awwww! that's so cute..poor thing. i'm glad he was back to his normal self after a few minutes.