Thursday, March 25, 2010


thanks to giovanna at swoon, i was introduced to the gorgeous world of spark, a letterpress company in south dakota. they do really gorgeous work and have a fun website too. here's some of my favorites (click on photo for credit):

lucinda wedding suite (same one giovanna liked) - i love the blue & brown!

closer view of lucinda suite

spark mallorca

passport invitation

sarah invitation suite

erin invite & envelope

i obviously don't have a thing for blue, based on my photo choices...ha! these make me want to run out and print some letterpress stuff! maybe i'll look into designing some photopolymer plates (which i have never done) and get back to my printing roots.


Brandi said...

I'm swooning. Love me some letterpress...especially with lots of pretty blue. If you do take up letterpress, I'm hiring you for my business cards.

Giovanna said...

i know, right!! i'm obsessed too. it's so messed up, because early on, i was all like, "i don't care about invites." then i started falling in love with all things paper. sigh.
i'm in talks with spark now and trying to pick pieces that won't be uber expensive. i love the blue too, but it doesn't really fit in with any other colors i've got going on, so i'm hoping brown and purple will also look cool. what do ya think?
i love the mallorca too!

stephanie said...

giovanna - i know, i used to think paper is paper. but after printing & bookmaking, i've become a paper snob. it's ridiculous :)

good luck with your talk with spark! i'm thinking a chocolate brown & plum. i like the purple/brown combo.