Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hair, part 2

here's another round of pictures for the upcoming haircut. these ones are a bit shorter than the last set, but still pretty cute!




any thoughts? oh, and in case you are wondering, i googled "medium japanese hairstyles" - was trying to get a different variety of photos rather than the same old celebrity ones that are everywhere.


Phone with a Cord said...

the first one is the best hands down. go for it! I cut my hair to that length last summer and it was the best experience. It was a drastic change but I still love it!

Brandi said...

I think I like the slightly longer hairstyle look for you. I don't know why. But you could always go a bit longer at first and then if you're feeling more daring next time, get more chopped off.

Anonymous said...

ok ok if you get this haircut you will be tooooo pretty for your heaight


Elizabeth said...

I love this length. Whenever I get my hair cut I go this short, but it takes a week for it to lose its shape. It's nice while it lasts though :)

brand-eye said...

i love them all. i have been contemplating getting a pixie cut for years. i might just do it this year.