Wednesday, March 3, 2010

custom DVD holder

here are the long anticipated pictures of the custom DVD holder! this was such a fun and challenging project for me. and so different from anything i've done in the past. i worked with a palette of greens and added some fun patterns to mix things up. i also included some buttons since the person receiving this LOVES buttons.

DVD holder cover - with fun button closures!

inside of the holder - the pockets were cut & hand sewn. i added some paper "buttons" in the corners to spruce things up a bit

here's the side of the DVD holder - full with 13 DVDs & booklets

the cover of the box - to match the holder. i couldn't decide on one button!

the side of the box - it's a little hard to see, but i used 3 different closures that come from one central hole in the bottom of the box

the inside of the box - SO much fun. i fell in love with this paper & couldn't wait to use it.

the box set covers

the box set - inside

i am so pleased with the final results! handstitching the inside pockets was a little crazy on my part, but i just don't trust my abilities with a sewing machine. what do you think?


Brandi said...

This is very cool, Steph. You're so ridiculously talented.

stephanie said...

thanks brandi :)

Taylor Sterling said...

wow beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, this button box was for me. I LOVE IT!!!! I can't even tell you how much I adore it. And my husband, who is a printmaker and carpenter, was so impressed I thought he was going to steal it. You really are talented and, I'll admit it, I'm a groupie.
THANKS! Jackie

yankiddos said...

that is just darling!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I thin I love it. Wow!

stephanie said...

taylor, mandy, elizabeth - thanks! :)

jackie - i am SO thrilled you liked the set. thank you for your kind words. hopefully someday i'll get to meet you in person!