Saturday, March 13, 2010


i felt the "i need to change my hair because it is driving me crazy" urge last night. uh oh. i thought about posting a picture of my current hairdo, but frankly, a) it isn't looking so good and b) camera phones don't exactly make me photogenic. so no picture. to give you an idea on length, its probably grown to about 4-5" below my shoulders. i've had a variety of different lengths, from pixie cut short to past the middle of my back long.

i'm scouring the internet for a decent picture of something i'd like. keep in mind, i'm completely lazy when it comes to my hair. i rarely "do" my hair. usually remember to brush it in the morning. most of the time i throw it up because it's irritating me.

here's a handful of pictures (click on image for link):

ok not a big fan of nichole richie. but she has cute hair.

this is fairly similar to my current cut. mine's just grown out a bit.

um so who doesn't love claire danes? long enough to put back but short enough to not make me crazy.

my favorite. might involve some actual "doing" of the hair, but won't take long.

thoughts? opinions? i'm pretty sure my mom will just say "DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR! IT'S SO PRETTY LONG!!!!!!" right mom? :)


Erin said...

Hmm I vote for the first or the last. Although the last one is ahead by a hair (ha! pun!) because Nicole gets on my nerves too.

Mom said...

That's right dearie and your Dad, Nick, and brother would all agree.

Brandi said...

Love the Claire Danes look. I say go for it -- I think it'd look super cute on you.

Anonymous said...

me too i agree with mom and dad and nick