Thursday, September 2, 2010


we've been busy keeping an eye on some pets for a friend of ours - two little (hilarious) dogs named miley & mozzy and a very tolerant cat named nala. here's some pics:

miley the mom

mozzy the spunky daughter

here comes trouble :)

nala the extremely patient cat

alaskan eye candy

here's a video of miley begging while i was eating lunch. she kept talking to me so i tried to capture it on tape...she says something at the end but it might be hard to hear.

all three of these sweet pets are looking for new homes due to an unforseen tragedy that our friend is recovering from. miley & mozzy are looking to move to their new home together. the dogs are very sweet and loving, definitely enjoy attention, and are lap dogs. nala is a sweet kitty and one of the friendliest cats i've met. she likes attention too and purrs a ton. all three of them will try to sit on your lap at the same time. and the dogs will clean nala's ears like crazy. so if you live in the anchorage area and are interested, send me an email: stephanie(dot)tama(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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Brandi said...

They're adorable, Steph!