Thursday, September 23, 2010

produce, the noun

hubby and i have been talking for months about ordering produce from Full Circle Farm, an organic farm in washington that delivers fresh, nutritious produce in their home state and in alaska!

with the long, cold, dark winter steadily approaching, we alaskans don't have a whole lot of options for fruits & veggies. we figured this is a good option because it's convenient & will give us an opportunity to try some new food that we wouldn't normally buy...hence, new recipes to try...and a better, more well rounded diet.

so if you are interested, check out their website here!


Erin said...

How do you manage the Alaskan winter without going crazy?

When I visited Alaska it was summer, and we slept in the basement since it was light all the time.

Brandi said...

You should absolutely do it -- and let me know what kinds of things you get!

stephanie said...

erin - i'm not gonna lie, the ak winter is difficult. i try to stay as busy as possible; art shows through the holidays keep me crazy busy. i'm also going to start some graphic design classes too. plus getting outside (counter intuitive, i know) with the dogs helps. i have little "events" that i look forward to, like my birthday, other holidays, etc. and if all of that doesn't work, i sit on my butt, watch tv, & drink warm stuff.

manD said...

Did you get the discount code for $15 off your first box? Chris and I did that for a couple of months because they delivered it to my school. I quickly learned I had to green bag a lot of items so they won't go bad because I couldn't always figure out a good recipe that I liked for that ingredient. Have you changed the items in your box online yet? That way you won't get something you don't like.