Tuesday, September 14, 2010

masons boys

early last week, our friend's brother-in-law passed away suddenly. he was only 32. he left behind a loving wife and three little boys under the age of three.

a family friend set up a website (www.masonsboys.org) to honor mason's memory & provide a way for others to help this devastated family during a very difficult time. if you are interested in helping or just want to send some encouragement their way, please visit masonsboys.

also, if you remember from a couple weeks ago, we were pet sitting for a friend who had two dogs & a cat. the cat, nala, was sadly laid to rest due to being sick a couple days ago. RIP nala.

so much tragedy makes my heart hurt.


Brandi said...

Oh, love, I'm so sorry. My heart just breaks.

manD said...

So sad news.......sorry to hear.