Saturday, September 18, 2010

custom photo box

here it is! the custom photo box i've been working on, in all of its finished glory!

here's the story - my client went on an incredible trip to japan and had a ton of pictures that she wanted to store. rather than sticking them in albums, she preferred to store them in a photo box.

she brought back the luxurious red & black cherry blossom paper from japan for me to use for the outer sides of the box & the photo separators.

i used black (with mohair for texture) japanese book cloth to cover & line the lid and the inside of the box.

i had to hand cut the file separator tabs

so who else wants a photo box? anyone? i was really happy with how this project turned out - i love how dramatic the paper is. next projects: rebinding a giant, ancient shakespeare book and prepping for art shows...have a great weekend!


Brandi said...

Absolutely fantastic box, Steph. I'd want one too -- except all my photos are digital now, so I wouldn't have anything to store in one. Someday, perhaps when I'm at my parents's home going through old photos I'll decide I need one.

manD said...

Very nice!

tatsuko said...


I looooove this paper, been using it in my jewellery too :)