Wednesday, September 1, 2010

adventure gear

over the weekend, hubby & i perused the sale at REI, specifically for a pack for me. a big pack. so we can go CAMPING. he jokingly said that i don't need a big pack because it's not like i'd carry anything anyway. *AHEM* we loaded up pack after pack, adjusted & yanked on a million different straps, and kept coming back to this one (of course it's blue):

i was amazed at how different packs fit - and how none of them seemed to fit me just right, with the except of the ridgeline. we loaded it up with weight, strapped it on, and then i wandered around the store for a while to test it out. i've been wanting my own pack since the last long trip we went on (long = overnight). soooo now i suppose it's time for another adventure!

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Brandi said...

I've never been camping. And though I want to go, I have no gear. I wouldn't even know what to buy, or if any friends had some for me to borrow. I definitely need to try it though, from what I hear.

I'd want a blue pack too.