Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sanrio shoes of awesomeness

when i was in high school, i had a pair of dr marten boots that had black & white faces all over them. they were awesome. actually i still have them. people would ask - are those the beatles? who are they?! and i got them for $20 when i lived on guam. seriously, the best shopping purchase ever.

also, when i was growing up, i LOVED hello kitty. i had an obsession with hello kitty. before the whole sanrio thing became popular in the states, my grandma would bring me tons of goodies direct from Japan. now, i still love hello kitty and her pals...

so when i saw these dr marten boots, featured on our.city.lights, i just about passed out (ok not really):

all pics from sanrio's site here

they are sold out on dr marten's website, and only have a size 11 on nordstrom & sanrio. if they were available in my size right now, i would buy them. in a heartbeat. i'd use savings money. i MUST have a pair of these. i would willingly trade some handmade tama press items (journals, box set, photo albums, etc) for these shoes. anyone up for it??

p.s. i wear a size 6 in dr martens (7.5 in us sizes)...fyi
*updated* 9/21/10 - i had the wrong size!! i checked my boots - size 5 in dr martens!


Mom said...

Maybe Santa will bring you a pair :)

tatsuko said...

hurray for mom's!!!