Friday, September 3, 2010

the best?

i've been reading gretchen rubin's "the happiness project" and it got me thinking the other often do i do my best? my absolute, all out best? is it all the time or sometimes? (sometimes) and why is that? why do i cut corners & half ass some of the things i do?

well, i figured that sometimes i'm trying to be efficient. but i can still be efficient with half assing something.

another reason, and probably the more accurate reason, i discovered is that i'm a little afraid. what if i do my absolute best and i fail? fall flat on my face and completely utterly fail. well, that would suck, wouldn't it.

it's easier to half ass stuff and have it be "good enough" than to put forth the energy necessary to be great.

what are your thoughts on doing your best?

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Brandi said...

I think fear is what holds me back too. Sometimes I want to call it laziness, but lately, especially with school work, I've been afraid of putting everything into it because I'm worried they're going to find out I'm a complete fraud. This isn't true of my Science Studies work, but I feel like that about Philosophy... You've given me a lot to think about.

Oh, and I think you TOTALLY should create a manifesto for Tama Press.