Wednesday, September 22, 2010

little big planet 2

i'm not big on video games...mostly because i'm not good at them. and shooting games really don't do it for me...i'd much rather be on the range, shooting bad guy targets with my wilson in real life.

anyway, there are a few games that have caught my eye over the years...and little big planet was one of them, thanks to hubby. if you haven't played it, you should - it's a ton of fun. you run around a magical world as a sack person that you can dress up in costumes and you get to put stickers on everything! hard to explain, but fun to play. as an artist, i'm so impressed with the design & color & texture of everything in the game.

soooo of course i just heard that LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 is coming out!! AAAH!! maybe i will buy it as a gift to myself after i make it through the art show season :) do i sound like a nerd? yeaaa probably. but i don't care.

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