Thursday, June 24, 2010

because i like taking quizzes

remember when you used to take those quizzes in magazines as a little teeny bopper and it was like "WOW that's, like, so totally true!" when you read the results? well, this isn't quite like that, but it's just as much fun.

check out this quiz:
it's called testcolor. you pick colors based on your favorites and least favorites, then your personality results pop up. go here to do the test!

here's an excerpt from my results:

"You are 38 % extrovert and 62 % introvert.
Independently of any order of importance :
You are able to listen to others, you show a good emotional intelligence, you know how to bring your support to others. You are also imaginative and creative, you have always new ideas, and you know how to apply them. Finally you are a manager and a structured person, you know how to take into account the needs of each person while leading them towards the set goals."

thanks to how about orange for posting this quiz! seriously, this girl finds the coolest stuff.

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