Thursday, June 10, 2010


after seeing my wedding dress, my mom thinks we need to make some adjustments to our flower plans. originally, we were thinking of doing a bright colorful bouquet. but after some discussion, she pointed out that a bright bouquet would compete with my dress....and she is SO right. so to a degree, we are back at square one regarding flowers. kinda. i think mom's helped me figure out what kinds of flowers i like (and i actually know the names of them now, thanks to her - my mom is an awesome gardener and knows all of this stuff). so here's some bouquets that are in neutral tones, but still quite beautiful (all images from the knot):

sweet peas!

roses & calla lillies - i'm not huge on roses, but i really like this pale ivory pink color

i like the pale green hydrangeas

mini calla lilies, ranunculus, and orchids

peonies & lily of the valley

peonies! this one is my favorite :)

these flowers are drastically different from what i was looking at before (here and here) but when you see my dress, you'll understand why the change was necessary! what do you think?

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Brandi said...

They're all beautiful. I'm glad you agreed with the decision to scale the flowers back -- you don't want anything competing with you in that dress.