Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i actually started reading a book for fun over the weekend. and that book was (please don't make fun of me)...twilight. yep.
i love me some vampires & some major teenage angst. when it first became popular, i thought the whole twilight thing was stupid. but i decided to see what all the fuss was about and be a bit more open minded, and i'm glad i did! i won't go into the story since you'd have to be living in a cave to not have heard about it. i just finished it last night and i realized how much i miss reading for fun. it was a good escape from the stresses of the day. and then i promptly hopped on amazon and ordered the other books. and am somewhat irritated that i didn't order them earlier since now i have to wait to see what happens next. AH! but now i have no excuse to procrastinate on art.


Erin said...

Don't be embarrassed. I'm a professional editor and an English MA student, and I couldn't put them down.

Brandi said...

I won't make fun of you at all. Mainly because I read them all myself.
I first picked up Twilight because a student I was working with was using it for a book report and needed help. Problem is, after I read the first, I was a bit hooked and really wanted to know how the story ended. Sigh. My curiosity.

stephanie said...

thanks brandi & erin :) the fact that i am waiting for the books to ship is killing me...i should have just gone to the store and bought them.