Friday, June 18, 2010

computer gripes

i need to vent and what better why to express my frustration than post it on the internet!! my work computer has been giving me the worst time. i know it is on its way out, heading toward computer heaven (or computer hell since it's been such a pain in the ass).

my typical day goes something like this:
- get to work and turn on computer, then go find something else to do for 15 minutes while it starts up.
- check on my computer, which has started up, but when i go to type in the password, i realize that the mouse & keyboard are not being recognized, so i can't type anything. restart computer and wait another 15 minutes.
- finally am able to type in password & log in to computer. go to start email program...program attempts to install about 8 times, then starts up, and 3 errors ding at me. close those and attempt to check email.
- start other programs that also attempt to install a few times for no apparent reason. i swear i click the cancel button more that any other human in the world.
- receive an email but it doesn't show up in my inbox, so i have to go to another folder, then back to the inbox for it to show up. same thing if i delete or move any emails.
- open a file. but instead of simply double clicking on it, i have to open the program first (seeing annoying unnecessary installation sequence above), then find the file and open. otherwise *DING* errors!!!!
- email program crashes for no apparent reason. attempt to restart.
- if i have 2 programs open, i will get an error stating that i don't have enough memory.
- computer then randomly shuts down for no reason whatsoever.
- get pissed and leave.

so yea i pretty much loathe this computer right now. it is the equivalent of the fax machine in the movie office space. it has become the bane of my existence. and i would really like to take it out to the range and shoot it.

rant over. thank you for your attention.

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edytt said...

call me when you are at work