Tuesday, June 8, 2010

weekend stuff

hello! how was everyone's weekend? i was incredibly busy and productive!! friday evening was spent working at the gun shop and then visiting with friends.

on saturday, i finally got to use a spa gift certificate from bfff (valentine's day gift) for a vichy massage and OMG it was incredible. if you don't know what a vichy massage is (i didn't), it was a full body massage then after that, the therapist uses water (like a portable jacuzzi jet) to massage too. it was SO relaxing. i am considering treating myself to something like that at least a couple times a year. i was in a totally different state of mind after the treatment.

the huge news...when i arrived home, the lady from the post office showed up with a package that needed a signature...and it turned out to be my WEDDING DRESS!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! so i ran inside, tore open the packaging, and tried it on immediately. and let me tell you, it is EXQUISITE! chrissy wai-ching made the dress and captured exactly what i wanted. i am so thrilled with the results! oh, and i don't need to get it altered either. if you ever have the need for a custom made gown, i highly recommend chrissy. go here and browse her catalogue. seriously.

sunday, i cleaned the house like crazy and did a million (slightly over exaggerated) loads of laundry. and made a ton of books for the upcoming art show. the puppies were little angels. vito even woke me up early...although unintentionally, since i awoke to that infamous dog getting ready to barf sound.

i also started on another project - a book that i'm making as a thank you for chrissy (hopefully she doesn't read my blog). here's some pics of the project so far:

i cut a bunch of circles from scrap chiyogami

gathered colorful thread

and sewed together the circles in a crazy pattern - i know it's hard to see the stitching but it's in there

i'm going to make another one of these circle sheets and then use them to make covers for the book. i'll post more pics as this project progresses :)


manD said...

ooh those bridal dress are fantastic on her website!

Brandi said...

You had such a busy weekend! I'm so glad your wedding dress came and I can't wait to see photos. I also think I need a massage...maybe it would help relieve some of the stress that I've been under for the past two weeks...