Saturday, June 5, 2010

weekend is here...almost

for a short week, this one sure was busy. i am SO thankful for the upcoming weekend, even though i'll be working my butt off. i managed to get a lot of things checked off the wedding list, including a big one: addressing & mailing the invitations! i have a few extras that i will take some pics of this weekend to show you all.

since bfff will be busy all weekend, i am going to (finally) use a spa gift card for a much needed massage, spend some quality time with the crazy pups, and make mass amounts of books for the upcoming art show. oh, and clean the house. and actually fold the laundry instead of just leaving a giant pile on the floor. which mia decided to use a little bed last night.

speaking of mia, in addition to coming out of her shell and being a rambunctious puppy that literally zooms around the house, she's also learning some new things from her brother vito. for example, vito has taught her that socks are FUN! grabbing socks from any pile of clean or dirty laundry, flinging them into the air, playing tug of war with them, or just keep away from me....all of it is tons of FUN. i used to see vito proudly trotting past the doorway with a sock in his mouth. but as of this morning, mia was the sock queen. four times past the door, different socks, and a puppy gallop! we're so glad she's finally settled into her home. even though 90% of our socks have holes now.

what are you all doing this weekend? what ever you do, ENJOY!

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