Saturday, February 27, 2010

the artistic stylings of me

i was reading some archived entries at The Fierce Beagle and learned that the author, Erin, has some mad skills at drawing. see proof here. sweet giraffe, right?

that got me thinking about things i used to doodle in high school notebooks, margins of paper, binder covers, etc. and the only consistent thing i remember doodling was this (forgive the cell phone picture):

apparently, a smiley face and hearts with my current crush's initials just didn't cut it. after years in college taking horribly difficult drawing classes, i'm sure i could probably come up with something more realistic. but i like to kick it old school.


Brandi said...

This is awesome. And much better than hearts and your crush's name. Or as many variations of your first name and your crush's last name as you could think of, or your names together. I really wasn't that girl. I swear.

edytt said...