Thursday, February 4, 2010

no coconut birthday cake please

i've never been a big fan of coconut. those white, chewy, dried pieces just don't do it for me. now, when i lived on guam, i remember seeing palm trees with bunches of coconuts for the first time and thought "holy crap! real coconuts!" but that didn't make me want to eat them. i did try some fresh coconut though, and it is a gigantic leap up from that dried stuff at the grocery store.

on to my story...when i was too young to remember, my mom made me a coconut cake for my birthday. i think she said it was pink too. after eating some cake, i apparently got really sick. thank goodness i can't remember that. maybe i just blocked it out of my memory. i'll spare you the gory details, but as you can imagine, it was pretty bad. and from that experience, i believe i gained an intense dislike for coconut, pink, and throwing up. i've grown out of my dislike for pink though, but the other two are still high on my list.

TMI? yes, definitely. but now you know why i'll politely decline that coconut birthday cake you're thinking about making :)


Mom said...

It was actually a rabbit cake and the coconut was his "fur". I made it for your first birthday and yes you barfed it up in your high chair. Oh the memories dear daughter . . . .

Brandi said...

I've never liked coconut cake either. My favorite cake -- a poppyseed cake -- my grandmother and aunt used to put coconut in and I would sit there and pick out every little annoying piece before eating it.