Tuesday, February 2, 2010


how was your weekend? i was pretty darn productive!

the office: i cleaned out the office (i.e. put everything in the hallway) and moved the monstrous desk into the garage with the much needed help of bfff & my friend. my friend & i also searched for a new desk for the room - something small but functional. we went to some thrift stores with no luck :( so we traveled to our local tar-jay and found a decently priced desk. we started to put it together...then took a dinner break, and afterward, bfff and i finished up the job. actually, it was more like bfff would put a part on and i'd say "are you sure that's the right part?" or "are you sure that's the right direction?" haha. here's the finished product:

it's the monstrosity's mini me

now it's just a matter of cleaning up the hallway of stuff, getting some pictures on the walls (since bfff put the kibosh on painting one of the walls blue), and getting it into working order. it's amazing how much bigger the room feels with that monstrosity gone.

i also worked away in my studio. got a ton of work done on 2 shop orders plus i finally took some pictures of a couple finished custom pieces:

large address book & small address book

photo album & box set covers

box set inside

inside of box

i was really happy with how all of the custom pieces came out. the box set was more challenging this time - i had to be a bit more creative with the paper, as i didn't have a lot of one particular kind. instead of covering the inside boxes with the parasol paper, i tried 2 different green hued mulberry paper & layered lace with gold & silver flecks over it. the result was SO nice. the colors on all the different parts of the project really came together to compliment each other. (the parasol paper has been so popular with custom orders too!)

i've also been shopping for a gift for valentine's day for bfff. it'll be the first one we've spent together in the same state - last year, he had to leave due to mt. redoubt's hissy fit. i have a couple of ideas, but since i know he reads my blog, i can't share them :) what is everyone doing for valentine's day? have any good gift ideas? guys are so hard to shop for!


Brandi said...

looks like you had a wonderfully productive weekend.

i, on the other hand, still owe you an email. will send one soon.

(ps. have a post on your shop written for my blog this week)

stephanie said...

thanks for the heads up about the blog post :) can't wait to read it! hope you're having a good week!