Saturday, February 6, 2010


when i was a kid, i had a handful of art supplies (actually it was a closetful) that i kept within arm's reach. lots of colored pens, included the giant pen with 10 different colored inks in it:
a couple sets of markers - the skinny ones and the mr. sketch smelly markers. the turquoise blue mango smell was my favorite :)

stencils made of translucent colored plastic - otherwise known as AWESOMENESS:

and this sweet "toy": the spirograph. OMG i LOVED this thing. armed with multicolored pens, i could create a freaking rainbow of crazy designs. well, while i was christmas shopping, i found this:

and proceeded to get so excited i could barely contain myself. i finally purchased a set and have been happily doodling since then. but now i'm thinking of some artwork i can apply this process'll be a grown up version of an old school joy. i'll post pics once i get started on this new project...

(p.s. click on pictures for links to sources)


Ducks Like Tea said...

Sounds like a cool project :).
I used to be obsessed with those 10 colour pens!

Brandi said...

You just totally took me way back to my youth. I remember all of those: the coolest pen in the world because it had so many colors, the markers we all used to sniff...
So much fun!!

Erin said...

Wow! This post really pulled some memories out of the archive.