Friday, February 26, 2010

or perhaps the name "rampage"

just when i think there is NOTHING else in the empty hallway for the puppy to destroy...

after leaving vito with a peanut butter filled kong and other fun chewy toys for two hours, i came home to this:

yes that is a carbon monoxide monitor.

what is this mystery object? weather stripping off the front door!

and of course, he started in on the edge of the carpeted stair

this, of course, is not his first rodeo...when it comes to carpet. quite a few months ago, he thought, "oh i'll chew on the carpet!" but it wasn't a piece in the corner or by a wall. vito started pulling up little carpet chunks right smack in the middle of the floor. so if you ever visit, you'll know why we have a completely random hole in the center of living room.

apparently toys aren't enough for the destructive puppy...he wants bigger and better things. next thing i know, he'll go after the sheet rock, like my parents dog maisie. i'll save that story for another day.


Elizabeth said...

This would make me incredibly mad. I hope he's lovable too and not just destructive.

Anonymous said...

seperation anxiety

stephanie said...

elizabeth - i figure it could be a lot worse. he really hasn't destroyed a whole lot of stuff, especially while he was teething. & i think bfff & i raised the most lovable, cuddly dog ever. he's really a sweetheart, just has a lot of energy :)

Erin said...

When our dog was a pup, he ate half a couch. True story. At least it was secondhand.

stephanie said...

erin - i just read your post about the couch incident. hilarious! any advice on leaving the dog out?