Friday, February 19, 2010

outdoor fun!

since this past weekend was a long weekend for me - plus valentines & my birthday, bfff asked me "what do you want to do?" i dug deep into my childhood and a brilliant idea came to me - SLEDDING!! oh yea! we geared up, snowpants, gloves, hats, and all. bfff had gotten vito (the now 67 pound puppy) a harness and lead for skijoring (for those who don't know - apparently the dog pulls you while you cross country ski. which means i would probably run into trees or be dragged face first a lot.) we got the puppy all set up in his harness and after a while he stopped trying to bite it.

we headed out into the warm, sunny 30 degree weather...and made a quick stop at our local tar-jay. bought 2 saucer sleds and this:
yes it's a sled for pulling stuff. but it's also large enough to sit in and has this little rope on the front that gives the impression you can steer. which, i found out, you can't steer. at all.

we went to the park where we normally take vito. bfff instructed me to sit on my neon green saucer and hold on to vito's lead in the middle of the trail. i sat at the top of a hill with a gentle slope and vito took off FULL BLAST! we flew down the trail and it was SO freakin fun. all vito wants to do is pull so we figured - let's let him pull! must be the half husky in him.

we found a good sledding hill, that kids abandoned for the goliath hill on the other end of the park, and i got the first run. i hauled ass down the hill with snow spraying in my face while i screamed the whole 3 second ride. i had seriously forgotten how much fun sledding is! vito ran up and down the hill with us and pulled me on another trail (and almost into about 10 trees).

lesson learned: screw expensive winter activities like snowboarding & skiing! free sledding is the way to go!

oh, and get a padded sled. i think my backside is bruised.

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