Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i am STOKED that it is now february!! my favorite month out of the whole year. and why is that? well lets see:

- my birthday is right smack in the middle of the month. (15 more days, not that i'm counting) and birthdays are awesome. i went from having a birthday, to a birthday weekend, to birthday week, to birthday month. so it's birthday month.

- february is a short month. its in and out. makes me appreciate every day a little more because it goes by so fast.

- valentine's day! i know it's cheesy. and i know some people hate the dreaded v-day with a passion. i used to wear black on valentine's day and glare at all of the ridiculously giddy people flouncing through my high school's hallways. but now things are different. i like the anticipation of the holiday...like when i was in elementary school and we'd get to pass out valentines and get candy-grams. and then eat a ton of sugar (those conversation hearts get me every time!) but this year in particular, i'm looking forward to spending the day with bfff. in person. and i'm excited about hanging out with my favorite person on this mushy holiday.

- the alaskan darkness seems to dissapate. the morning light comes sooner and that glowy ball stays up in the sky longer. and reveals that yes, i am pale pale white. like blend into the wall white. yikes.

so those are a few reasons i adore february. do you have a favorite month?


Anonymous said...

defebry is my favorite month

Iva said...

YAY!!! February is going to be awesome!!

Erin said...

I never gave much thought to February until 2 years ago, when my son was born on the 19th. Now it's a month of jubilation at our house, too.

stephanie said...

iva, thanks for visiting!

erin - his birthday is so close to mine! happy birthday month to him :)

brand-eye said...

Is your birthday the 16th??! So is mine. I like that we have a bunch of delicious dinners planned this month, eating out and at home :-) we usually try to go away, but are trying to save $$$.

stephanie said...

hell yea my birthday is feb. 16th!! welcome to the "february 16th is the most awesome birthday ever" club :)