Saturday, August 7, 2010

boys/girls day!

friday was a big day for us - i was getting my trial run hair & makeup done at the spa then going to a party for the girls and hubby was going out with the boys on a deep sea fishing trip!

here's a couple pics of my hair & makeup:




the second i got back to the party house, i was stuffed into the rv (where my MOH & husband were staying) and instructed to keep my eyes averted from the house. my MOH came out to get me a little while later & led me into the house where a LUAU was set up!! i was immediately dressed with a grass skirt, coconuts, & bride-to-be crown :)

i had a chance to visit with lots of new family members and ate tons of yummy food! it was SO much fun. my new sis-in-law and MOH did SO much to prepare for this party and really made it so very special. i can't thank them enough for everything they did, along with all of the help that i know the rest of the family put into this day & the entire wedding.

hubby & the boys had a great time fishing - they limited out on fish and met up with us afterwards at the house. i really enjoyed that we all spent time together visiting and goofing off, that it wasn't a strict no boys allowed type thing.

here's me and my new nieces :) aren't they adorable?

me & the most awesome MOH EVER!

new sis-in-law, mom-in-law, me & new grandma :)

i retired fairly early that night, trying to kill off the last of my cold, while the boys went to "the man tent" - yes, an actual tent set up outside - for a poker tournament. such great memories!

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Brandi said...

Steph, your hair is gorgeous and I really love the outfit. I'm glad you got to have some fun -- and a girls day -- before your wedding.