Saturday, August 14, 2010

wedding pics, part 2 - christine

as i've mentioned before, christine pobke was our incredible photographer! she and i met when i was deciding on what college to attend - and we've been friends ever since :) i've gone on and on about her work...but i'll let it speak for itself. it was such a pleasure to see her again, after so many years apart. go here for the rest of the sneak peek:

making a face :)

getting dressed


me & my parents

hello friends!

mmmmm confetti cake

hubby and i

my favorite of the set

* all pics are from pobke photography *


Erin said...

So. Lovely.

Brandi said...

The first picture is absolutely priceless.

brand-eye said...

these pictures are just breathtaking. and that dress is just so incredible!

tatsuko said...

wow Stephanie! You look so lovely and happy - carry that spirit into your life together :)

A verrrrry belated congrats!

Giovanna said...

hey stephanie, i'm just playing catch up, and wanted to tell you how awesome and beautiful your wedding was!!!! where did you get that dress??? i love it. congrats again!

stephanie said...

thanks giovanna! i ordered the dress from chrissy wai-ching out of seattle. she's awesome. it was the first piece of clothing that was made just for me. LOVE IT!