Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wedding week, part 2

on monday, we picked up our rental car:

all i have to say is...sweet.

and we went down to the norwich town hall and picked up the marriage license. the weather was nice and then....

THUNDERSTORMS & MASSIVE DOWNPOUR!!! it was actually pretty cool. the rain came down in buckets and the air was pleasantly warm - an occurrence that we NEVER get here in alaska. lighting bolts flashed and the thunder rumbled along. i was thankful for the break in sunshine - the hot weather was really hard on this alaskan girl :)

since we were already in norwich, we decided to swing by the spa at norwich inn, where we were getting married at the end of the week, since we hadn't seen it in person yet. the many pictures that we saw simply didn't do this place justice - it was absolutely gorgeous. considering the storm was still in full effect, we held off on running around the grounds since we really didn't want to get hit by lightning.

my little sickness was gaining steam....

on tuesday, we met with our dj, geoff, of local motion entertainment. it was SUCH a pleasure to finally meet him in person - he's someone we would have loved to hang out with & get to know. he was definitely on the same wavelength as us.

we relaxed for the rest of tuesday, while my cold invaded my sinuses...ugh.


Brandi said...

How strange to have to plan a wedding from afar. I'm glad you were happy with all of the arrangements...well, at least so far so I know.

Anonymous said...

it was simply an amazing wedding cause love always wins out over all things