Thursday, August 26, 2010

the happiness project

attempted to pursue one of my goals for the year, i'm reading more - and am happy to see a tall stack of books (threatening to teeter over) on my nightstand. on a recommendation from brandi of not your average ordinary, i've started reading "the happiness project" by gretchen rubin. i just finished the first chapter last night and am a bit relieved - gretchen touches on a lot of the same things i worry about, feel guilty about, etc. not necessarily big things either - some are so tiny and mundane, most people wouldn't bother acknowledging them. but i'm a worrier...
and since i've been on this kick to get things cleaned up around the house, her first chapter gave me some good, manageable tips & tricks for getting things done. i'm really looking forward to the rest of the book!

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Brandi said...

Yay! I think you'll really enjoy it, Steph. The most important thing to remember is that everyone's happiness project is different -- and Gretchen is great about reinforcing that. I can't wait to hear more about what you think of the other chapters.