Wednesday, August 18, 2010

website stuff

so i was looking at rifle paper company's website and am SO very impressed with it. the site is easy to maneuver, a crisp clean look, great products, and the ability to purchase items online. and it got me thinking...

i would love the tama press website to have the shopping cart so that customers could purchase products directly from my own site rather than having to go somewhere else to buy my work. so i looked up the company that worked on rifle's site and had the pleasure of perusing aeolidia.

aeolidia does a number of different things, from designing logos and websites to illustrations and marketing. i really enjoyed looking at their projects and seeing their capabilities. i'm considering having them redesign the tama press site and adding a shopping cart. i've also looked at ribbons of red to design my site (& possibly a logo) too. ribbons of red redesigned our photographer's website, pobke photography.

i would have to save a bit to have aeolidia redesign my i would have a ton of work to do to make sure the site stays in stock. it would be a significant increase in artwork for me and a major additional time commitment. but it would be a great way to really get my online business up and running. as wonderful as etsy is, having my own shopping cart would also shrink competition, as my products wouldn't be competing with a myriad of other people's work on etsy. we'll see...i have more thinking to do.

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Brandi said...

We should talk. I have someone to put you in touch with if you're considering Aeolidia -- she's working with them right now to help design her online store. You may want to talk more with her. Actually, you maybe should brainstorm exactly where you want your business to go (I'd be happy to help).