Wednesday, August 25, 2010

studio reorganization, aka TGSOCDDP

i'm really getting a bit excited about getting my studio re-organized...i'll call it "the-great-studio-organization-cleaning-decluttering-decorating-project". TGSOCDDP for short. (see, now that i've married into the air force i have to start using acronyms.)

i took a bunch of measurements over the weekend and came up with a few options of how to move around the furniture in the tiny bedroom i use as a studio. i have a sweet rolly cart (that's the technical term), a 6' table, a 4' table, chair, a shelf with 9 cubical sections (currently in the closet), and a bunch of random piles on the floor. so really, you can see about 3 square feet of floor in the actual room. maybe. covered with tiny little random scraps of paper.

in order to open up the room and make it more functional, i'm going to clear a path to the closet, where i keep most of my supplies, and actually GET RID OF STUFF. eek.

i read some ideas on design sponge about reorganizing my workspace (here) and am going to use some magazine files, since apparently they work well for people who make piles. like me. i went to my local tar-jay and they had the magazine files i was looking for...for $15 each?! wth?! so i'm determined to make some myself. because, seriously, that's ridiculous. now, i'm not going to get all crazy and make them look like some of the photo boxes or jewelry boxes i make, because they will be beat up. maybe i'll do a little dyi tutorial post if they turn out good.

wish me luck my friends, because i am going to need it. i'll even do a before & after pic.

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Brandi said...

Good luck! I wish I were there to help you organize. If there's an Ikea near you, they should have some magazine files at a reasonable price.