Tuesday, August 17, 2010

weekend cooking!

our weekend was pretty productive again! i worked saturday morning at my friend's shop and then did art stuff for a while! i got one project done & made a lot of progress on another...i'll post some pictures later in the week - but since they are both gifts, i have to wait to discuss them, just in case the recipients happen to read my blog :)

the pups went out for a long run & swim at a new park & were so exhausted, they could barely keep their little eyes open. i caught them cuddling on the bed:

sunday, the hubby and i cooked up a storm! i think we used almost every new appliance we received as wedding gifts! since we had gotten so much bad news last week, my friend and i did some baking for our friend who just got out of the hospital & another friend that just had to put down her very sick dog. :( hubby made some cookie dough ice cream (yum) and made lots of tomato sauce & homemade meatballs. we ate very well!

we also got a new neighbor, who seems so pleasant! i gave her some muffins too :) also, vacuumed the house, did tons of laundry, and cleaned the bathroom. whew.

it's already been three weeks since our wedding! a wonderful three weeks....feels so much longer than that - like a dream.

how was your weekend?

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Brandi said...

You had such a wildly productive weekend!! I look forward to hearing about your art projects. And the pups are too cute! Do you ever get to sleep in your bed at night? Also, I'm super jealous your hubby made cookie dough ice cream. Can I PLEASE have that recipe? I tried making blueberry mascarpone ice cream this weekend but the ice crystals didn't form correctly and I think I just overdid the mascarpone cheese. Definitely worth a second attempt though.