Tuesday, August 3, 2010

wedding week, part 1

so we flew into connecticut sunday morning, and my throat hurt. OH NO!! the one thing i didn't count on was getting sick. so i started a strict regiment of lots of water, emergen-c supplements, airborne, and vitamins. the weather was gorgeous and we laid out by the pool and caught up with family. since i burn easily in the sun, i had spf 70 sunscreen on - you have no idea how much crap i got for that! LOL! i didn't think someone made an spf that high. our first day pretty much looked like this:

my hubby's sister & brother in law have the most amazing yard - it's huge! we originally wanted to have the wedding there, but decided against it - otherwise, people would be too stressed out to enjoy the wedding day! anyhow, they also have a pool, as you can see. that super duper white back in the middle of the pool belongs to my hubby.

in addition to relaxing by the pool, we also started eating. a lot. i could name off 10 different types of barbecued meat that we ate in one week. it was crazy. or, baaaaa baaaaa coooooooo, as my father in law would say. here he is:

he doesn't normally make a pirate face. speaking of pirates, why are pirates angry? because they ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!! what types of movies do pirates see? rated RRRRRRRRRR!! what do pirates eat? hamburgAARRRRRRR!!!! what kind of coffee do pirates drink? DECAAAAFFFF....uhh wait, that's not right. my hubby's brother in law will have to explain that one.

day one in connecticut - a success!!

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Brandi said...

The pirate jokes are too much. I'm glad you had fun and were able to scare away that sickness. And I'm with you on the sunblock -- I wear a sports 45 and reapply every hour or so.