Saturday, August 7, 2010

hello blogland...

well i did it. i finally caught up on the 800+ neglected blogs that i hadn't been able to keep up with in recent-ish history. awesome.

as i made my way through, i realized a few things:
- my teeny tiny internet presence was missed, which was nice to hear :) and i missed my blog friends and keeping up on their lives
- lots of other blogs have LOTS of followers. i would like to actively pursue a larger base of readers
- i really oober want to submit photos from my wedding to a few blogs that i enjoy reading and that inspire me
- my etsy store needs WORK, like serious mass amounts of work. especially since it is empty.
- i want to try setting up a facebook page for tama press and see what happens

so what are your thoughts on these realizations? any advice to help me get started on any of these little goals?

in the meantime, i have some art projects that have been seriously neglected and need to be done pronto.


Brandi said...

I don't know how you managed 800+. I freak out when I have 100 or so unread posts. As for thoughts on your goals/realizations...
(1) You definitely were missed.
(2) Regular posting is the key. Once a day, five days a week works well. You also need to find your voice. If you want any help or advice, let's chat.
(3) You should! I think some will get picked up after I post, but you should actively pursue it as well.
(4) Empty? Definitely time to get back to work.
(5) Do it. For some people facebook is a huge hit, for others it isn't. No way of predicting it, but it's worth trying.

Let's talk more soon, my dear. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

manD said...

Woah - I didn't realize you follow so many....and I already feel overwhelmed by the amount I have right now! Good for you on catching up! You can make a facebook "fan" page for your company through your personal account. Then you can link that to a twitter account and also link your blog to the notes section of the fan page. :-)

stephanie said...

thanks for the advice brandi! i'd love to talk with you about "finding my voice". i've always had a difficult time writing. i am trying to prepare posts earlier in the week so that if the week gets busy, i'll still be posting daily. do you do that too?

Eileen said...

I can't tell you how happy I am to be here reading your blog, Stephanie! :) And you know I love Tama Press! OHHH, you should definitely submit your photos to wedding blogs..and go for Martha! Your pics should be in her magazine! :)